Monday, 9 May 2016

My latest cakes decoration....Flower Wreath buttercream.

I might be hectic busy kind of person when comes to cakes and pastries...but I do follow my own deco but sometimes I follow the others cake decoraters ideas as well. Following their blogs or in youtube. Not really following 100% deco, but just an ideas the arrangements and neat presentations. Following is my first Cake Wreath of Flowers.. Not to bad but it's take almost 1.5 kg buttercream to make it completely flowers...and so many colours gel paste as well. Tips, don't over mix too much colour as it will make it look dull, make it nice soft colour like ordinary flower colour..
And to compare the russian tips, you can just straight away piping on it without harden it first in the fridge or freezer. You can use cream cheese frosting. But not beat it too soft. But so far this flower wreath, you need to be in calm and patient when using the flower tip nozzle. They have so many sizes.. I just use what ever flower tips I have in my collections. As I said, I follow my instinct... 
I might do it again whenever customer want flower wreath. I definately do...because I enjoy doing it!!!! Cheers!!!!

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